Training Sessions – Popularizing Research on Social Movements



Description of the Trainings:

  • Wijayanto  (LP3ES/UNDIP), Ghulam Manar (LP3ES) and Damar Juniarto (SAFEnet) – Turning academic debate to online social movement: building networks, influencing public debate and anticipating backfire

This session will discuss how to turn academic debate to online social movement to resist democratic regression in an illiberal regime. Based on our own experiences initiating several social movements, we will share on how we initiate the movement, building networks, influencing public debates and anticipating political backfire. At the end of the session, the participants are expected to understand how to initiate social movement and influencing public debate on their own. 

  •  Joel Mark Baysa-BarredoAcademic Activism: Transforming Knowledge for Change

Academics have conventionally been developing capacities and increasing understanding on various phenomena. Amid the rise of misinformation and authoritarian rule, many scholars find themselves at the frontlines  defending democracies and human rights. The session seeks to enable and encourage participants to transform their scientific articles into advocacy materials. Participants will be trained to produce simple policy briefs based on their issue of choice.  


  • Laure Siegel (journalist)Making your papers intelligible for the wide audience – techniques of writing

In this session, you will learn to become familiar with the media landscape of the speciality or region you are working on, identify which publication fits which content and adapt your material to write in a journalistic style to be able to reach the broad public with the conclusions of your work.