Series on Social Movements – 2022

Description of the Events (to be filled all along the year 2022)


1. Training Sessions – Popularizing Research on Social Movements

Description of the Trainings:

  • Wijayanto  (LP3ES/UNDIP), Ghulam Manar (LP3ES) and Damar Juniarto (SAFEnet) – Turning academic debate to online social movement: building networks, influencing public debate and anticipating backfire

This session will discuss how to turn academic debate to online social movement to resist democratic regression in an illiberal regime. Based on our own experiences initiating several social movements, we will share on how we initiate the movement, building networks, influencing public debates and anticipating political backfire. At the end of the session, the participants are expected to understand how to initiate social movement and influencing public debate on their own.

  • Joel Mark Baysa-Barredo – Academic Activism: Transforming Knowledge for Change

Academics have conventionally been developing capacities and increasing understanding on various phenomena. Amid the rise of misinformation and authoritarian rule, many scholars find themselves at the frontlines  defending democracies and human rights. The session seeks to enable and encourage participants to transform their scientific articles into advocacy materials. Participants will be trained to produce simple policy briefs based on their issue of choice.

  • Laure Siegel (journalist) – Making your papers intelligible for the wide audience – techniques of writing

In this session, you will learn to become familiar with the media landscape of the speciality or region you are working on, identify which publication fits which content and adapt your material to write in a journalistic style to be able to reach the broad public with the conclusions of your work.

2. Roundtable at EUROSEAS conference (28 June-1st July, Paris)

« Alterpolitics in Southeast Asia: a cross-sectoral and trans-national dialogue »

Southeast Asia is a region of great cultural, religious and political diversity. It is, however, constantly pitted against embedded crises, such as environmental destruction, the decline of democratic institutions, the rise of religious extremism, worrying levels of gender inequality, the weaponized response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the discriminative impact of neoliberal policies. People from civil society working on the basis of respect for human rights and striving to reduce systemic inequalities fulfill a critical function. Not only do they question powerholders and problematize oppressive norms but they also formulate radical alternatives.
The roundtable will gather a network of critical actors focusing on Southeast Asia (particularly Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines), comprised of researchers, activists and concerned citizens from within and outside the region. Working together through a series of cross-sectoral events and research agenda, they are sharing the commonalities in their engagements while reflecting on their sectoral specificities, in attempts to stimulate regional dynamics. They will engage in a reflexive approach on how the cross-sectoral dialogue can highlight the ongoing dynamics endured by social movements in Southeast Asia.

-Saskia Wieringa (Amsterdam University, The Netherlands)
-Gabriel Facal ALTERSEA, Centre Asie du Sud-Est – EHESS/CNRS, France)
-Rosalia Sciortino (SEA Junction ; Mahidol University, Thailand)
-Joel Mark Baysa-Barredo (SHAPE-SEA, Thailand/The Philippines)
-Wijayanto (Universitas Diponegoro, LP3ES, Indonesia)
-Giuseppe Bolotta, Edoardo Siani and Richard Quang-Anh Tran (Ca’ Foscari University of
Venice, Italy)
-Catherine Scheer, Laure Siegel, Sarah Andrieu (ALTERSEA, Centre Asie du Sud-Est,
-Gloria Truly Estrelita (ALTERSEA, Centre Asie du Sud-Est, France)

3-4: Sekolah Demokrasi – Summer Course Lp3ES: to be filled soon

5. Summer School SEASocial Movements in Contemporary Southeast Asia (SEA)

The Department of Asian and North African Studies of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the Marco Polo Center for Global Europe-Asia Connections are pleased to offer a Summer School on Social Movements in Contemporary Southeast Asia.

This Summer School will focus on the specific and distinctive features of collective social actors in the region by illuminating the central roles played by the youth, women, LGBTQ+ activists and religious actors in shaping, resisting, and/or contesting processes of cultural and socio-political change.

The Summer School will be held in Venice, Italy, on September 18 to 24, 2022.

6. 2nd ALTERSEA Conference – Engaging Research