Religiosities – Order & Disorder between Immanent Life Forces & Transcendental Religions

The regional conceptions on the universe creation and stabilized order range from the transcendent principles of the transcultural religions and universalist thoughts to the immanence attributed to life forces. How these apprehensions of the universe’s ordering principles affect the societies’ conceptions of politics and policies?

Possible & non-exhaustive ideas of topics:

  • ORDERS – Encounters between cosmovisions that envisage a hierarchy between superior forces and the mundane world and naturalist and secular conceptions.
  • VALUES – How do religious morality and ethics inflect the conceptions of life and live species, in the terms of religious ecologies?
  • COLLECTIVENESS – How do religious institutions, norms and practices contribute to the structuration of social groups, their cohesion and their capacity to frame and be framed by their society’s political agenda?
  • 3 & 4 – HIERARCHY – Do the social statutory hierarchies oppose or encourage political participation and shared use of the commons?

Members: Gloria Truly Estrelita; Gabriel Facal