Political Participation – Geometry of Participation facing Neoliberal-influenced Authoritarianism

In the authoritarian-type-neoliberal-influenced regimes that prevail in SEA, how do different models of political participation interact, combine and exclude each other?

Possible & non-exhaustive ideas of topics:

  • MODELS – Analysing the co-existence of models, from customary triangular and circular social organizations to representative bottom-up and top-down democracy, to a self-organized and federative organization in the anarchist trend.
  • STRATEGIES – Facing the renewal of government authoritarian strategies, how do the governed social groups do adapt their tactics, objectives and modes of action?
  • EMANCIPATION – How technologies of governmentality are hijacked and become tools for social emancipation?
  • 4 & 1 – POLITICAL ECOLOGY – What kind of political systems foster the intersection between ecological means and social issues? Is the democratic model more prone to encourage sustainable development?

Members: Khoo Ying Hooi; Abdul Hamid; Trisno Subiakto Sutanto; Gloria Truly Estrelita; Gabriel Facal; Andar Nubowo; Astrid Norén-Nilsson; Baskara Wardaya; Silvia Vignato.