Environmentalism – Cosmo-Visions through Plural Ecologies & Multi-Sociologies

How societies experience and conceptualize human-environment interactions, human-nonhuman interactions and human-human interactions? When is there a hierarchy between these relationship ensembles? What are the social organization modes that enact these relationships?

Possible & non-exhaustive ideas of topics:

  • COMMONS – Internal and external dialogues, arrangements, misunderstandings and conflicts around the management of the commons in the Anthropo(-s)cene.
  • DIVERSITY ­– Theories and practices of interconnections between biological diversity and social diversity.
  • DOMESTICATION – Confrontational conceptions of the socio-symbiosis, the instrumentalization of nature and the domination between species (ideological classifications and practical instrumentalizations that configure humans as animals, animals as things, environment as objects).
  • 1 & 2 – SUSTAINABILITY – When the protection of the socio-symbiosis systems intersects with collective reflexivity on diachronic and territorial continuums.

Members: Eric Olmedo