Panel 2 – Religiosities

This panel is postponed due to participants’ incapacity. It had to be hosted by SEA Junction (Backup: ALTERSEA) and to be chaired by Serina Abdul Rahman (ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute)

Panel 2 – Religiosities–Order & Disorder, between Immanent Life Forces & Transcendental Religions 

The political management and public perception of the COVID-19 pandemic affect the way social relationships and human and non-human interactions are conceived and implemented. For instance, lockdown measures reconfigure networks of community solidarity; they enhance the visibility of the vital interdependence between different living species, the impact of information, communication, and beliefs. Possible questions are:

  • How does the pandemic inflect the religious narratives on life and death, the need for faithful mutual assistance and solidarity, as well as the need for authoritative figures and texts?
  • How does the current situation impact the relations between religious groups in society and their discourse?
  • How does the agenda of radical religious groups change in the COVID-19 context and in face of the “State of exception” style policies established by regional governments?