Identity, Culture & Heritage – Commonality & Alterity in Cosmopolitan Historical Territories

How space and time are embedded in the same place and contribute to personal experiences in collective motions or, at the contrary, are fragmented, essentialized and constitutive of reified identities in terms of heritage, indigeneity and multiculturalism?

Possible & non-exhaustive ideas of topics:

  • SCALES – Divergences in the definition of scales: what are the local, the state and the global and how do they embed and hierarchy?
  • HISTORY – Conflictual, parallel, convergent and ignored Histories.
  • FIGURES – Individual histories and collective History: how militants and authority figures become icons and how History is shaped by subjectivities-in-relation.
  • HABITATING – Shared world & fragmented map: approaching different perspectives on habitation and cohabitation.
  • HERITAGE – Processes of terming, classing and fixing: heritagization, claims of identity, and multicultural policies.

Members: Lucia Ratih Kusumadewi; Sih Natalia Sukmi; Sarah Anaïs Andrieu.