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  • Joy and Sorrow as Myanmar Jun ta Frees Political Prisoners Detained in Anti-coup Protest, 20 October, South China Morning Post. Click here to watch video.



  • Taking Aim at the Tatmadaw: The New Armed Resistance to Myanmar’s Coup, 28 June 2021, ICG Briefing n° 168.  Click here to read. 


  • Recognising Myanmar’s National Unity Government, 19 June 2021, Easy Asia Forum. Click here to read.
  • Not for a billion rupiah: Wadas villagers continue Bener Dam protest amid deaf ears, 28 May, Jakarta Post. Click here to read.


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  • Comparative Analysis of the 2020 Protests in Southeast Asia, Gabriele Natalia Siahaan, Australian Institute of International Affairs, Click here to read.
  • Myanmar’s Protest Movement Finds Friends in the Milk Tea Alliance, February 13, 2021, The Diplomat. Click here to read.
  • Myanmar’s civil-military maelstrom, 5 February 2021, East Asia Forum. Click here to read.


  • Usai FPI Dibubarkan, Eks-FPI Bentuk Front Persaudaraan Islam [After being closed down, Ex-Members of the Islam Defender’s Front/FPI Formed the Islamic Brotherhood Front]. January 9, 2021, Click here to read.



  • Demonstran Menolak Kedatangan Rizieq di Makassar Diserang Sejumlah Orang [Demonstrators Rejected that Rizieq’s Arrival in Makassar was Attacked by a Number of People], December 1, 2020, Merdeka. Click here to read.


  • Action to reject Rizieq Shihab Held in Medan, His Oration to Reject Nation-Divide Groups, November 26, 2020, VOI. Click here to read.
  • Protesters must not resort to violence no matter the provocation, November 18, 2020, Thai Enquirer. Click here to read.
  • A more unequal society than ever before, November 14, 2020, Bangkok Post. Click here to read.
  • Twenty-two years on, families of Semanggi victims grasping at straws in search for justice, Saturday, November 14, 2020, Jakarta Post. Click here to read.


  • Thailand doesn’t need you: Ultra-Royalists push back against protesters, October 26, 2020, France 26. Click here to read.
  • “No Peasant, No Food! No Youth, No Change” Peasant Youth from South East and East Asian region calls for food sovereignty!, October 21, 2020, Via Click here to read.


  • Indonesia in COVID-19 Vortex: “Workers’ resistance to waves of mass layoffs & Omnibus Law”, 19 May 2020, Click here to read. 
  • The #CoronavirusPandemic is affecting peasants and other people working in rural areas in many ways. Here we explain. #StayHomeButNotSilent. Click here to read.


  • 3 Aktivis Aksi Kamisan Ditangkap, Polisi: Motifnya Melawan Kapitalisme [3 Thursday Action’s activists arrested, Police: charged over anti-capitalism], Wednesday 22 April 2020, Click here to read.