We wish to create a participative dynamic, imperative to bring about the emergence of embedded phenomena, often not very visible and objects of divergent definitions. The participatory dimension will be particularly valuable in bringing out the weight of individual itineraries in the trajectories of movements and it will give access to the subjectivities at work in militant careers. In this sense, our missions are to:

  • Identify and reference participatory social science programs related to themes of alterpolitics, for example concerning issues of biodiversity conservation, cultural diversity and heritage, or political participation.
  • Structure the actors of participatory social sciences in an international network to develop shared reflections on the issues, objectives, tools and methods deployed in the field of participatory social sciences.
  • Bring the contribution of participatory social sciences to political bodies and academic science actors, in order to allow better recognition of their role in improving scientific knowledge and better consideration of participation by citizens.